The intensity of the creative process saturates me with joy. I love the experience of taking a poignant emotion, a thought, a fleeting feeling, and translating it into an image drenched with life and energy, an image that communicates depth and subtle shades of perception. The enormity of this challenge, this process of engaging so many aspects of my multifaceted self, brings me great satisfaction. To experience the plentiful positive reactions to my work adds a dimension of gratification. It's an immense joy to be able to bring such feelings of delight to others through a process that is also so satisfying to myself. When I set out to transform myself from a scientist who dabbled in artistic endeavors to a full-fledged artist, the goal I set for myself was to create works of art that enlighten, amuse and delight people for generations to come. This mission continues to guide me.

At this point in my development as an artist, my inclinations have led me to the medium of printmaking in general and lithography in particular. Printmaking suits me well as one who naturally approaches things with methodical planning and execution. With printmaking I am able to create images with the precision, intensity and spirit I desire. Providing multiple originals, printmaking allows me to share high quality original work with a greater number of people than do other mediums, thus supporting my mission. Additionally, printed images are commonly black and white. This is ideal, as my love of form and of the play of light and shadow is communicated keenly in black and white and gratifyingly well via the exquisite sensitivity of traditional stone lithography.

The result of my fascination with detail and its role in the expression of life's energy combined with my life-long appreciation of nature led me to expression via black and white botanical drawings and prints. During the last several years my work has evolved. I am now infusing my prints with greater richness of meaning via more conscious use of composition, form, symbolism and selectively employing realistic appearances. This is an evolution I intend to continue for some years. Simultaneously, I continue to hone my ability to understand and express light and shadow, coaxing it a little closer to that elusive concept of perfection. Along the path, I derive acute joy from the prospect of creating images that enlighten, amuse and delight people for generations to come.

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